Mary Alice Reporting:

(Monday, December 10th) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – As online shopping increases throughout the year, AAA is pointing out some safety tips to protect your identity.

Consumers are encouraged to educate themselves and remain secure when spending time online.

AAA East Central Financial Services Manager of Discounts & Rewards Dan Flynn reinforces the need to shop at secure websites by looking for identifiers, such as “https” in the web address and a lock icon.

Flynn notes that a credit card is better to use online than a debit card.

“With a credit card it offers better protection. With a debit card, keep in mind, that they are pulling that money out of a checking account.”

He stresses to dedicate one credit card for website use to minimize the exposure of risking your identity and to create a long password.

“When you’re using a credit card on a retailers website, make sure that you manual type in your credit card number but never save your information. The reason is, if that website gets hacked, now the criminal has your information.”

In 2016, $91.2 billion was spent online throughout November and December and Flynn adds that increased to $104 billion in 2017.

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