An Act of Kindness Inspires an Area Sheriff’s Office


Michaela Madison Reporting

(Tuesday, December 5th) Canton, Ohio – The Stark County Sheriff’s Office returns an act of kindness after a resident buys a deputy and detective dinner.

Deputy Mike Greene explained that on November 29th he and Detective Rebecca Greene were getting dinner at a Chipotle restaurant in Canton when the woman ahead of them paid for both their meals.

“So, I took a picture to remember somebody being gracious and wanting to purchase our food,” explained Deputy Greene. “So, she agrees to take the picture, we take the picture and at which point she starts crying and then she explained to us that she just found out that day that her son’s cancer may be back.”

And then the woman left before Deputy Greene could get her name. The Sheriff’s Office took that photo to Facebook and within an hour were able to identify the woman as Erin Wise of Massillon.

“I just wanted to do something nice, I didn’t need them to do anything to say thank you,” added Wise. “They both said thank you that night and that was more than enough for me.”

But, it wasn’t enough for the Stark County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff George T. Maier learned of what Erin did for his deputies and extended an offer for both her children, 4-year-old Teagen, who is battling the health issues, and his sister 6-year-old Sydney to participate in the Shop with a Sheriff’s event December 16th.

Teagen and Sydney will be paired with Deputy Greene and Detective Greene for the entire event.

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