Animals at Risk as Temperatures Drop


Mary Alice Reporting:

(Thursday, December 7th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – Cooler temperatures are expected throughout the Tuscarawas Valley, especially at night, and a local foundation is asking pet owners to keep their furry companions warm.

Operation Warm and Cozy Founder Julie Tripodi says if you keep or bring your dog or cat in the garage through the winter you should also have a doghouse due to the wide open space.

“Because if you put them in an unheated garage, it’s pretty much just like being outside cause there’s nowhere for their body heat to retain. A dog house should be just a little bit bigger than the dog’s body, and that will help hold the heat. It should also have straw inside of it. Dry straw.”

She adds that animals will dehydrate when the weather is colder.

“You want to make sure the water is fresh and not frozen, and feeding them more than once a day. Splitting up their meals into two separate feedings also helps because that process of digestion raises their core temperature.”

Tripodi notes Operation Warm and Cozy offers straw deliveries through donations from the community.

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