Michele Spring Reporting:

(Monday, May 14, 2018) New Philadelphia, Ohio – The Tuscarawas County Commissioners were presented with information regarding the area’s youth tobacco use during Monday morning’s meeting.

Students from the Youth-to-Youth program, which focuses on youth-led prevention and making healthy choices to stay away from substances, researched and collected data from area retailers and schools.

During the meeting, Dover High School students Logan Kazelman and Brennan Mathias discussed how the tobacco policies and procedures are mandated within Tuscarawas County.

Mathias explained that there are 106 tobacco retailers in the county and 23 of them are within 1,000 feet of a park or K-12 school.

“We talked about different statistics and about how our county is failing in regards to tobacco-related things. So the youth, we want to try to prevent the youth from doing tobacco. There are still a lot of different things we need to work on to prevent that from happening.”

In Tuscarawas County, the youth smoking rate is at 10.6%.

Within the program, students, in partnership with the Sheriff’s office and the Health Commissioner, executed compliance checks to area tobacco retailers. Out of 10 retailers, only one sold cigarettes to an underage individual. The Fuel Depot in New Philadelphia was fined after the compliance check was completed.

The Youth-to-Youth program covers 8 out of the 9 school districts in the county and is led by Amy Miller from Personal & Family Counseling Services.

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