Mary Alice Reporting – In the United States, every week, around 50 children are victims of accidents where a vehicle backs into them, according to Kids and Cars.

Larger vehicle pose the most threat since visibility around the vehicle is more difficult, with 60% of the reported accidents involving larger motor vehicles.

Tuscarawas County Health Department Health Educator Patty Maag explains all motorists need to be vigilant even if the automobile has a back-up camera.

“If you’re relying on those it maybe to your sadness because you may have a child that’s behind there that’s out of view of that camera.”

She advises for parents and other drivers to make walking around the vehicle a habit.

“Go to the back of the car and around all side before you get in and start that car up to make sure that no children are there and that there are no toys.”

Kids and Cars reports that the common age for victims is 12 to 23 months old. On average, 70% of these incident occurring with a parent or close relative behind the wheel.

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