Michele Spring Reporting:

(Tuesday, December 04, 2018) – The USDA issued a recall notice that an additional 5 million pounds of raw beef products, which were produced and packed from July 26, 2018 to Sept. 7, 2018, may be contaminated with Salmonella.

This is an expansion notice after an initial recall was issued in October which brings the total recall to 12 million pounds of raw beef. The recall of beef supplied from JBS Tolleson of Tolleson, Ariz., has been linked to 246 people getting sick in 26 states.

Tuscarawas County Health Department Director of Environmental Health Caroline Terakedis says most people infected with Salmonella develop symptoms 12-72 hours after being exposed to the bacteria.

“Some of the signs and symptoms of Salmonella are nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, fever, chills, headache, and you can have blood in your stool. And some of these symptoms, including diarrhea, can last up to 10 days.”

Terakedis said salmonella used to be more associated with poultry products, eggs, and mayonnaise. She says since our foods are becoming more processed the chances are more likely for salmonella contamination.

“Cook your hamburger to 155, cook your turkey to 165 degrees and it’s very important that you check that with a thermometer rather than just looking and saying that it looks done, there is no pink. You really need to check your cooking temperatures with a metal stem probe thermometer.”

The beef was shipped nationwide to grocery chains including Walmart and Kroger. People are urged to check their freezers to make sure they don’t have the recalled meat.

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