Nick McWilliams reporting – Work that is designed to provide a turning lane on West High Avenue is behind schedule, due to contracting issues.

A turn lane on the stretch of road, proposed from the railroad tracks near Buffalo Wild Wings down to the Bluebell Drive intersection, is planned to help alleviate some traffic congestion.

However, Service Director Ron McAbier says that the contractor for the work has been unable to complete important lane striping, due to equipment snafus.

“I talked with ODOT last week on Thursday. That was supposed to be done a little over two-and-a-half weeks ago. The contractor’s machine is broke down, the striping machine. So, we are on hold to finally get that center lane up there completed.”

Other concerns related to issues of drivers turning towards High, who are unaware of a lane change without the directional lines on the pavement.

McAbier says that when the striping is completed, there is a plan to address the issue.

“They’re going to dash that now. They’re going to do that to shape them into that curb lane. And [add] one more sign, coming into town, heading east. There’s one as soon as you cross the bridge and one almost at the intersection. They’re going to put another at the center there.”

Crosswalks will also be formed at a later date when the machine is operational.

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