Michele Spring Reporting:

(Tuesday, July 10, 2018) New Philadelphia, Ohio – At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, BCC will begin a chapter of the Drug-Free Clubs of America program. This program will aim to promote healthy living and a drug-free lifestyle for teenagers.

Public Relations Coordinator Shyanne Carroll says Buckeye Career Center is still searching for assistance from local businesses and residents to help with costs of the new drug-free program.

“Our first step really is coming up with donations and funds to help cover the costs. It’s going to cost about $67 per student for us to do this. We will charge our students a slight amount just to have them involved financially but we are hoping to cover most of the costs through donations.”

Once students are enrolled in the program they will be drug tested periodically throughout the school year.

“It’s also peace of mind for our students and employers. We have a lot of employers who come to us and say they can’t find good help because they can’t pass a drug test. So we want to encourage our students to be drug-free and we also want to help our employers and our community by offering this to our students as well.”

Carroll stresses to students that drugs will not help you be successful in life.

“To be successful in life and be successful in the workplace, you need to be drug-free. A lot of our students are going into the medical field or maybe they are running heavy equipment and those are things you cannot do drugs and do that type of occupation. A lot of companies are drug testing now.”

A one-time tax-deductible contribution of any amount is also available.

There will be different levels of donations offered, as well as a discount card for the students as an incentive.

“It’d be like a football card like one of your local high schools would do that has dollars off for an ice cream cone at this restaurant or maybe fifty cents off of this. We’re hoping to get those so that our members can go to those places, show their ID card for being in the card, as well as the discount card and take advantage of that.”

Those interested in donating to Buckeye Career Center’s chapter should contact Shyanne Carroll at 330-339-2288, ext 1241.

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