Mary Alice Reporting – The Real Warriors Campaign is encouraging veterans, service members, and family to learn warning signs of psychological health concerns.

September is suicide prevention month and folks are encouraged to reach out for help early and often.

Action Officer for the Campaign, Lieutenant Commander Evette Pinder says the main idea is to streamline thoughts of early warning signs indicating that someone is under strain.

“Sometimes our family members might notice [that we’re not feeling our self], our children, our friends, our units. That’s really the first sign. Along with that, you might also experience not sleeping as well. Maybe you’re not interacting.”

The public health issue affects people of all ages and races. America’s Health Rankings discovered that, nationally, the suicide rate has increased by more than 25% since 1999.

Commander Pinder adds that stigma is a harsh reality that cause struggling individuals to think that if they seek help they would be considered weak. She says that, in reality, it’s the opposite.

“Sometime, you just simply aren’t fully aware. Understanding. At, we break things down and we try to talk about some of those signs and symptoms.”

The AHR also found that in 2016, almost 45,000 individuals died in the United States by suicide, making it the 10th leading cause of death.

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