<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Tuesday, April 10th) New Philadelphia City Council is not approving a water and sewer connection application for a development project.

The A1 Developers plan includes a section off of Goshen Hill Road; however, council says they need more information.

Safety, Health, and Service Chairman Kelly Ricklic points out that the main reason council denied the application due to an acreage discrepancy.

He notes that the developers can re-submit an application for utility services but Ricklic adds council would like to see more drawings to have a better understanding of how many units would be going up and to consider safety.

“With engineer drawings with how they want to have their streets, how the water and sewer is going to be coming and going, and the number of people. When the city provides water and sewer it goes per person so they need to provide those numbers to see that the water and wastewater plant can handle that type of flow.”

He says council would also like to see plans that include a retention pond for water run-off to be able to make an informed decision.


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