Mary Alice Reporting: (New Philadelphia, Ohio) The Tuscarawas County Commissioner approved a change to their meeting schedule to better accommodate the public and local media.

On Monday, the Board set the regular meeting dates for 2019 with a noticeable change to their Wednesday afternoon session.

Over the past couple of years, the County Commissioners met at 3:00 on Wednesday, and Commissioner Al Landis says that the group decided to move the time back to 1 pm.

“Part of the decision revolved around, how can we better serve the public and how can we make it more accessible. We’re trying to make it more user-friendly and something that was brought up, [the time change] may be more user-friendly for the media for them to make their deadline.”

Monday meetings remain at 9 am in the William E. Winters Board Room. During the fair week in Dover, the Commissioners will have their regular Monday meeting at the fairgrounds.

Previously, the Board held two evening meetings; however, for 2019, those sessions will not take place.

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