Michele Spring Reporting:

(Tuesday, December 11, 2018) Dover, Ohio – The Dover Fire Department responded to a call for heavy smoke at the Seton Square apartments at 6:28pm Monday evening.

Lt. Joe Minocchi says four residents were treated on scene for smoke inhalation but were not transported to the hospital.

“It ended up being burnt oil in a pan that was left on the stove, so it ended up being mostly smoke. There was little fire damage except for the pan itself and a little bit on the stove.”

Minocchi says one of the top causes of fires this season is unattended cooking. He said a good rule of thumb when you’re cooking is to not leave stoves unattended.

“Sometimes people think they turn the stove off and they don’t quite turn it off. But just always make sure that when you’re cooking, make sure you’re with it. Don’t leave it unattended. And when you’re done, make sure you turn off the stove top and turn off the oven.”

He notes the rise in calls recently are regarding residents who forget that their cookware is in the stove.

“People for some reason store plastic or bowls or stuff like that inside their oven and they forget about it. They turn on their oven to preheat, it’ll preheat and whatever is in there will start to smoke and catch fire and then that causes a problem.”

Minocchi reminds residents that through the holidays there is more cooking, so be aware of surroundings and be sure to always have working smoke alarms.

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