Council Approves Pay Raise

<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Tuesday, September 11th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – City of New Philadelphia council passes legislation for a pay increase for non-bargaining employees and elected officials.

Finance Chair Darrin Lautenschleger explained that the legislation passed Monday night will allow a 3% pay raise.

“Effective January 1, 2017, so it’s retroactive to the beginning of this year for those positions. The total amount, I believe, is less than $25,000 to the city’s budget.”

Council woman Cheryl Ramos voiced her opposition not to the pay increase but for the term “retroactive”.

Lautenschleger noted that her comments were “well taken” and that another piece of legislation, still in discussion, should resolve future issues with having retroactive pay increases.

“Provides for the way the salary scales will be developed through the Director of Human Resources Mary Kurtz and the administration, and how they’ll be dealt with on an annual basis and looking at the positions by position and not necessarily looking at the person anymore.”

There was no timeline for approval of the pay scale ordinance.

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