<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Friday, July 13th) Uhrichsville, Ohio – The City Council of Uhrichsville is considering the benefits of having limits on how many meetings administration is allowed to miss.

This concern is coming after Law Director Brett Hillyer missed the past three meetings; however, he, along with all administrators, are not required to attend council sessions but do out of courtesy.

Council President Mark Haney points out that it’s understandable to miss meetings providing it’s due to illness or family matters, but city council should be notified.

“I understand there’s a reason [that someone] can’t be here [but] I expect each council person to be here. Unless there’s a family event or they have kids in sports. We’re held accountable. We’re elected officials. We’re also being paid to do a job and to keep this city running, it’s important that these people are here.”

Uhrichsville’s law director has a yearly salary of $21,218.

During a council meeting, the question was brought up that if Hillyer is absent, why assistant law director Travis Collins does not attend the meetings since Haney notes legal issues can randomly come up.

“I’m going to discuss it with him further that we need him here at times. If a legal issue comes up that we can’t answer it’s kind of tough. I mean, every law director that I’ve sat through in my almost 12 years of being here has tried to be here for every meeting.”

Hillyer says that he regularly meets with city administration and maintains constant contact with council members.

Along with zoning and annexation, the insurance committee and all resolutions and ordinances have legal language that may need to be explained.

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