Mary Alice Reporting:

(Tuesday, March 13th) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – Property crime cases are on the rise for Tuscarawas County prosecutors with most of them related to drug addictions.

Assistant Prosecutor Scott Deedrick says that, based on his 21 years of experience, he is seeing more offenses motivated  to get money for drugs.

“That’s either by admission or other red flags, like they have lots of drug convictions and of course, it’s not unusual for folks to sell whatever they have, then unfortunately family members and friends are often next victims, even neighbors.”

He notes that sometimes a person wanting money to buy drugs may approach people in parking lots with a tale asking for money and the promise to repay.

Deedrick adds that theft and shoplifting crimes are increasingly putting a strain on first-responders and citizens.

“Law enforcement, medical personnel, EMT’s dealing and responding to drug overdoses. People that we, of course, need to have in treatment facilities the waiting is longer, more people are in jail, in prison and this is increased stress on tax payers.”

This increase is only related to property crimes and not the rise in drug trafficking or possession charges.

In 2017, Tuscarawas County saw 132 theft/receiving crimes, 88 drug offenses, and 57 cases related to burglaries or B&E’s.

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