Daylight Savings Tips for Pedestrians and Drivers


Mary Alice Reporting:

(Monday, February 12th) Ohio – AAA is sending out a safety message for drivers and pedestrians after the clocks moved one-hour ahead over the weekend.

AAA East Central Director of Legislative Affairs Theresa Podguski explains that morning commuters may be driving in the dark and your visibility may be reduced.

“Time change comes a change when the sun rises and sets. AAA is asking motorists to slow down and be extra alert, especially in the morning hours when it will be darker for a later period of time.”

She asks for drivers to be careful of any children walking to school and to slow down when approaching a crosswalk.

“You have children who are going to bus stops, walking to school, crossing at corners so it’s important for motorists to be extra alert during those hours as well.”

Podguski adds for you to leave room between your vehicle and the crosswalk so other drivers can see pedestrians crossing in front of you.

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