Discrimination Lawsuit against School Dismissed


Mary Alice Reporting:

(August, 7th) Dover, Ohio – A decision is reached where the Dover City School District won’t be paying settlement costs after a discrimination lawsuit was dismissed.

In May 2016, an advocacy group filed the lawsuit claiming the school district failed to provide proper education and discriminated against Hispanic/Latino student.

In a release from Dover, as part of a settlement reached between both parties the school will not pay any cost and despite the claims, against Superintendent Carla Birney and various staff members, no evidence was revealed.

Superintendent Birney commented, “we remain committed to working with families to do all that it takes to address language barriers. We believe deeply in providing a meaningful education for all students.”

The School District agreed to continue providing materials and programs to assist students and their families with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) by making the assistance available multiple ways, such as the school’s website and the student/parent handbook.

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