Mary Alice Reporting – With summer still in full swing, a hot topic remains of keeping pets cool and safe in the heat.

Dogs can suffer from heatstroke and Dr. Chad Dodd, a veterinarian with YuMOVE, says there are signs a pet can display if they are overheating.

A top tip is to ensure pets have plenty of cool water and a shaded area to rest.

During hot, humid days dogs can often be seen panting, which is a typical response to dissipate heat and Dodd recommends keeping an eye on the animal for excessive panting or glazed eyes, which can be indications of heatstroke.

“If you take a dog on a 15 or 20-minute walk, they’re going to pant no matter what. Other things to look for though is their gums. If their gums appear to be bright red, of they’re showing signs of weakness or just don’t want to get up, or maybe seeking shade more often [are all signs].”

Additionally, he advises keeping an eye on pets to identify any changes that might indicate a health issue.

“If your dog has been with you because maybe you’re working, you’ve got the kids, or everybody’s home, make sure you’re watching for signs of things that there might be an indication that they need to see the vet. Those can be signs like slowing down more often than they have been or maybe they’re not getting up from a resting position very well.”

Pets still need physical movement daily and a tip is to work in walking activity in the morning or evening hours when the temperatures have dipped.

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