Mary Alice Reporting:

(Thursday, May 17th) Dover, Ohio – Community members turned out for a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Dover High School.

Site demolition began in 2017 when the homes the district purchased came down in preparation for the project.

School District Superintendent Carla Birney says that they are excited this day has finally arrived and that it was possible due to voter support.

“This is just overwhelming. It’s a wonderful day for our school and our community. This is our celebration that the design process is complete and we are ready to build.”

The plans for the new building includes a three-story academic space, a 1,200 seat auditorium, and a new gymnasium <p>with seating for almost 2,000.

Hammond Construction Senior Project Manager Bob McAuliffe explains they will start to mobilize the site to begin work on the temporary facility connections.

“And in a month’s time, we should be starting footing and foundations. We’re going to work our way from the Hickory side, back into the middle of the site, then we’re going to come up and down adjacent to what is now west 5th Street. It’ll be gone and then we’ll work on the gym [which is] next to the new gym.”

He adds that the site will get busy quickly but reminds residents that students will still use the existing school for the next two year as the new building is being constructed.

A final completion date is expected by fall 2020.


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