Nick McWilliams reporting – Sewer rates charged to residents outside the city limits of Dover will see an increase over the next five years.

City council approved legislation Monday to increase the costs incurred by those homes that use the sewer system of Dover and are unmetered, which starts off at the same level as residents within the city.

Council President Shane Gunnoe says that following the initial charge of $55 a month in the first year, there will be increases in each of the next five years.

“It continues with [$55 a month] through January of 2021. And then it engages in very small increases, five percent a year [until 2025.] And those finds are used to subsidize and pay for the repairs that are needed outside the city of Dover.”

Residents were displeased with the possibility of seeing a $30 increase immediately from the city, and Gunnoe adds that with those displeasures in mind, the new system is being implemented to address both concerns.

“We realized that even $69 was a $30 a month increase right off the bat. I thought that was too high, too fast. And so, we worked to try and find a compromise to still make the whole process work.”

Dover council unanimously passed the motion Monday night.

Residents of Parral, one of the affected areas, expressed concern back in August over a proposed version of the change that would have seen bills jump immediately to $69 per month.

The village northwest of Dover is included in the change, along with Lowden and other subdivisions.

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