Nick McWilliams reporting – Although paving schedules have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, areas including the city of Dover are moving forward with resurfacing work.

Dover announced their intentions to start soon, with bids opened in the service director’s office on June 5th.

Service Director Dave Douglas says this year, even with financial strains due to COVID-19, the city’s paving budget allows for extensive work.

“It’s a very good budget. One of the larger ones we’ve had to work with. The mayor and the auditor truly see the importance of paving and that really is fortunate for not only our people here, but also the residents. Because it’s an important issue. We’ve got a lot of bad streets, but we’re looking at $500,000, even with our budgets being lower now.”

With over a dozen streets in mind, he says that the city will start on the east side with numerous projects.

“We’re looking at paving streets on the east-end of Dover basically from Front Street to the north over to Third Street. We’ve got multiple streets — about 17 — we’re looking at right now. If the bids come in low enough, and we have a little additional money, we’d move over to the southside.”

As always, Dover will release information on upcoming work and potential delays.

Outside of weather, no delays are expected with resurfacing work once the city gets underway next month.

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