Mary Alice Reporting – Legends of a time capsule in an exterior brick at the Dover High School proved true on Wednesday.

The school is taking elements from the current high school to be incorporated into the new building, such as the 1915 cornerstone.

Dover Superintendent Carla Birney explains that, as it was removed, the time capsule was discovered with several students documenting the unveiling. Within the container were newspapers dated from 1912 to 1915

“There were merchant magazines, a high school program of studies, names of people who were on the Board of Education, and there was an original 1915 Swirl, which is our yearbook.”

The first step is to preserve the documents and from there, Birney says they will take digital pictures of all capsule items for an archive case that will be in the new high school displaying Dover history.

“The items that were in the time capsule will be included. We will work to determine the best way to display the information for our community to view with the eye on preserving everything that was in there.”

She adds that this is an exciting time especially for the students to be able to uncover a piece of Dover school history as a new chapter begins with the construction of the high school and they plan their own time capsule.

Video footage of the cornerstone removal and capsule discover can be viewed at

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