<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Thursday, April 12th) The Claymont City School District is being proactive in helping students by providing mental health services.

The position is an extension of their counselors as an effort to help students succeed and address any needs.

District Superintendent John Rocchi says that Brandie Fox, who has been with the school system for over 20 years, was appointed as the Family Advocate.

“We posted the position mainly because of the behavioral mental health needs kids have today, and all of our school counselors and Ms. Fox in the past few years have worked very hard because without strong services it’s difficult for those kids to come every day and be productive in our classrooms.”

The goal of the district is to have early intervention services at the elementary level.

“Providing services to kids and making sure their mental health needs are taken care of when they start their educational career. As we know, mental health needs can pop up at anywhere in an individual’s development but we try to get services to those kids as soon as possible.”

Fox has a background of working in the mental health service and working with families, as well as leading staff in training on ALICE and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI).

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