Family Takes Concerns over Healthcare Act to Congress


Mary Alice Reporting:

(July, 13) Ohio – Speaking in-front of Congress this week, one Ohio family is asking that legislators carefully consider the 2017 Healthcare Act.

Josh Benson explains that his 11-year-old daughter Bridgett has CHARGE Syndrome, which causes birth defects including blindness in one eye, hearing loss, and other internal abnormalities.

He adds that Medicaid coverage plays an important role for the family in-terms of Bridgett’s healthcare needs since she has already been through about 25 surgeries.

“We use Medicaid to supplement our private insurance. It helps with things like food, she can’t eat by mouth, and then it helps with nursing. My wife and I both work so Medicaid covers part-time nursing cause Bridgett wouldn’t be able to attend daycare.”

Benson, his wife, and Bridgett are in Washington D.C. today to speak with members of Congress about the impacts that cutting Medicaid would have on them.

Benson says that if funding is cut then either him or his wife would have to quit their job to care for Bridgett, which would create the need to draw money from other government programs for help in other household areas.

Benson and his family are part of the Children’s Hospital Association’s Kids Family Advocacy Day meeting with Congress this week.

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