Nick McWilliams reporting – Some training the Uhrichsville Fire Department has completed across the state could soon be implemented in the local community.

Chief Justin Edwards and Captain Wes Dillon addressed city council Thursday, detailing new training firefighters at their station completed in places such as Cleveland and Columbus.

Edwards says that techniques taught in the class were new to many in attendance, but are more effective in saving lives.

“It’s getting on that chest, and doing quality compressions until your paramedics or EMS personnel get on the scene to deliver those shocks. They talk about all these fancy meds. The thing that saves lives is this the CPR and the electricity. The AED, or the defibrillator.”

The origins of the program, called Resuscitation Academy, are in Seattle, Washington, where doctors implemented a plan to teach better CPR training and the “quality compressions” Edwards spoke about, due to improper techniques used across the country in the past.

Dillon says that, eventually, the goal would be to open the doors of the firehouse to train community members to increase someone’s chances of survival during a heart attack.

“When someone collapses and goes into cardiac arrest, we can’t be there as soon as it happens. We get there in five minutes. So this all has to start in the home. We’re going to bring a program [to] try to teach our citizens and community CPR. We’ll go out and maybe talk to churches, social clubs, stuff like that.”

In addition, Uhrichsville Fire is receiving a new CPR-dummy, which will give real-time feedback to paramedics and firefighters performing the mechanics on a variety of parameters, including depth and rate of compressions.

The plans are still in their infantile stages, but the department feels the initiative can make all the difference.

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