Mary Alice Reporting – With good weather forecasted this holiday weekend, local firefighters are reminding grillers to cook safely.

A National Fire Protection Association report found that over 10,000 home fires occurred between 2013 and 2017, all involving a barbeque.

Dennison Fire Chief Dave McConnell reminds residents to keep the cooking method away from flammable materials.

“Any structures, probably at least three feet [away]. If they’re going to have [a fire pit], those need to be three and two by size using clean seasoned firewood only. Have a water source readily available.”

He points out that grills are to be used outside and not under any type of structure.

“A lot of times, people try to grill inside their garage and those can produce carbon monoxide and other deadly fumes that you won’t even see.”

The NFPA indicates that more than one-quarter of grill fires started on an open porch or exterior balcony.

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