Fire Dept. Offers Wood Burner Safety


Mary Alice Reporting:

(Monday, December 4th) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – A local fire department is sending a safety reminder to residents using a wood burner or chimney this winter.

Dover Fire Captain Brooks Ross explains the main thing to remember for both heat sources is to properly clean out the chimney flue.

“And one of the problems too is the ductwork for the flue. When it penetrates walls, or ceilings, or the roof line you’ve got to make sure that’s installed properly. That ductwork gets really hot and if it’s touching anything combustible, like wood, there’s a possibility it’s eventually going to catch on fire.”

Captain Ross adds that for wood burners nothing flammable should be placed near the burner and that the wall should have protection at the back of the heater.

He notes if using a fireplace, you should invest in a fireplace screen to catch any embers.

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