(Tuesday, April 10th) A Newcomerstown man is facing charges after police found a firearm improperly transported in his vehicle.

Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland says officers found 22-year old Lucian Lambs passed out at the steering wheel. Lambs was parked at the BP gas station on Adena Dr, in the village.

“On arrival, officers attempted to wake him up and after a period of time he does wake up. Then the individual exits the vehicle and at that point they noticed some drug paraphernalia and some other issues. There was a gun that was spotted in front of it and then the individual was taken into custody.”

Officers found items such as a scale, a pipe, two knives, a loaded firearm, and an unknown substance.

Chief Holland also notes that they are trying to determine whether the firearm is stolen because the serial numbers have been altered, which is a federal and state crime. Lambs is being held on charges for improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle but further drug charges are expected.


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