Michele Spring Reporting:

(Monday, December 03, 2018) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – The Christmas season is upon us and with that many residents will decorate Christmas trees and homes for the holidays.

Strasburg Fire Chief Dan Varner says to remember a few important tips when it comes to decorating your home.

“This is the season when extension cords become readily used more, so make sure when you’re putting heat tape on stuff and you’re running extension cords make sure they are on good breaker systems.”

Varner stresses to residents to not overload extension cords and electrical outlets.

“You got to make sure that if you’re going to use a power strip, make sure you have something that has a reset in it. If you don’t, then it will just continuously sit there and burn.”

Varner noted that if a fire does occur in the home, make sure there are working smoke alarms that will give the time needed to get out safely.

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