Nick McWilliams reporting – For the first time in 70 years, a brewery is open in New Philadelphia.

On Friday, Five Barrel Bullet Brewing Company started serving patrons at their East High Avenue location, joined by Mayor Joel Day and other city leaders. Seven beers are on tap, all created in house, with food catered by Maggoo’s Pizza, Pasta and More.

Co-founder Harlen Hirning says that given a history of brewing in the area, it only made sense to start in New Philadelphia.

“We got the book [with] the brew history of the Tuscarawas Valley. The first paragraph was about this German brewmaster finding the water quality of the Schoenbrunn Artesian spring to be the best water he encountered in his travels. When I read that, it was like goosebumps, because we already had this place and it was going. We’re excited.”

The trio of Hirning, Mike Stephan and Justin Dummermuth spent hours building the structure adjacent to Harry Clever Field, each showing pride when the ribbon was officially cut.

Located near the front entrance is a baseball jersey as a remembrance piece for their late friend James Wright, who passed away only a few years ago.

The journey from planning, to construction, to open was long and surreal, but Friday’s starting point all started with a simple idea, according to Hirning.

“We actually brought it up one night that we needed to figure something out for the future. That we were all kind of stuck in our jobs and we wanted something more. The idea came up about a brewing company and it was like a light went off for me. We built the system in my garage on Red Hill. We started brewing and two weeks later we brewed our first batch of beer. We brewed every month, twice a month.”

The group decided to start planning for their own business when all six beers they produced for a competition in Athens, Ohio, placed in the top-10.

Hirning thanked area businesses like Simpson Heating and Cooling, BFX Plumbing, Wood Electric, and R.A. Moser, who all helped during the construction process.

Standard days of operation will be Wednesday through Sunday, and for more information, visit their Facebook page



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