Michele Spring Reporting:

(Monday, June 11, 2018) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – Friday and Saturday evening an Emergency Flash Flood Warning was issued due to the severe amount of rainfall that fell upon Tuscarawas County.

Sheriff Orvis Campbell said roads throughout the county closed quickly on Friday as four to five inches of rainfall fell within an hour.

“We had about 14 roads closed in the northeast part of the county. But most of those roads, Echo Lake and New Cumberland Road and the Roswell area was hit very hard; there was a lot of water in basements over in that area.”

Sheriff Campbell noted the largest closure was State Route 39, located near the Tuscarawas and Carroll County line.

“State Route 39 suffered approximately 60 foot of its berm being washed away and debris was carried over the road which closed that road for several hours.”

ODOT crews responded to the scene and had the road open within two to three hours.

Sunday saw more rainfall and flooding in the southern part of Tuscarawas County.

“The southern part of the county, specifically Perry Township, in Tuscarawas County. So the Phillips Fork Road area, the Grove Road area, SR 258, many of those were under water last night.”

There were no reported injuries from Sunday’s floodings.

(Photo from Missy Jason Glazer-Bouska)

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