Mary Alice Reporting –

A man who went from having millions of dollars to nothing but a few clothing articles celebrated just over five years of continuous sobriety and spoke at a local recovery center.

Brandon Novak was the featured speaker for Vertava Health and he went over his life from becoming a skateboarding prodigy by the age of seven and started touring by mid-teens, and along the way, fell into addiction to both drugs, mainly heroin, and alcohol.

“I’ve sat where you’re sitting. I’ve had the goals, I had the dreams, and I had the ambition. Hanging out with Michael Jordan and touring with Tony Hawk. Now, let me show you what my life really looked like, let me get transparent with you. I’ve been in four inpatient treatment centers and I slightly forget how many detoxes I’ve ended.”

Throughout his over 25 years of addiction, Novak’s own mother was convinced that he would die and even purchased a cemetery plot.

By the age of 35, he had survived multiple overdoses, lost his fortune gained from being a professional skateboarder and doing crazy stunts on several movie series, and found himself homeless in Baltimore.

“I get it Ms. Therapist, you have 15 years but you’ve never been in movies that broke box office records. That actually promoted the use of [my] promiscuous behavior. You didn’t do that so you can’t help me. Keep in mind, I possessed this alcoholic brain that lies to me in my own voice that makes me believe the unbelievable.”

By the 13th rehab attempt, sobriety finally struck and he was able to look at the impact of his addiction. As of late May 2020, Novak celebrated five years of sobriety.

Find Novak’s complete presentation on his life and what his attitude was toward addiction throughout that time by finding Vertava Health on Facebook.

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