Mary Alice Reporting:

(Monday, February 12th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – A former Newcomerstown police officer accused of falsifying a shooting receives reserved sentences and probation periods.

Bryan Eubanks, a 14-year police officer, appeared before Judge Edward O’Farrell Monday afternoon for sentencing, subsequently apologizing for the false story from the 2017 incident where Eubanks insisted he was shot during a traffic stop.

Attorney Christian Stricken, with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, asked for a prison term due to Eubanks actions of clearly identifying a false suspect and disassembling the gun he carried in his boot.

“It gives us all pause to think about the fact that he did that. What would have happened if that person was pulled over. What the police know about this person, thanks to this defendant, was he had shot a police officer and he also had a drug lab in the back seat so any police officer pulling somebody over like that would definitely be on guard, and that would put everybody at risk unnecessarily. He obviously lied to his supervisors.”

Defense Attorney Lawrence Whitney argued that Eubanks had no recollection of the claimed incident or no memory from April 11th to the 18th due to Eubanks suffering from PTSD.

“He doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t really. This is something his mind conjured up. That’s why it’s so bizarre cause he doesn’t know, is this real is it not real, was there a car there, he knew he got shot but he doesn’t know what’s real and isn’t real.

Eubanks stated that prior to the incident he had been under strain and having night-terrors, where he would wake-up not knowing where he was.

“My doctor said the nightmares will never fully go away. My family has been a big help. I’ve been surrounded by a good family and good people in the community. A lot of support. I’ve been a part of some groups now. I apologize for what I’ve done. I’ve never been through anything like this. For the people that know me, they know that this isn’t me. I didn’t understand what was going on with me and I thought, if I go to get help they’re going to think I’m crazy.”

Judge O’Farrell imposed the sentence of 90 days in the Tuscarawas County Jail, two-year community control sanctions, 500 community services hours served in Newcomerstown, and a fine of almost $2,000 to the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office for investigation time.

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