Harrison County Jr. Fair Livestock Auction

Agland Country Store and Sugar Valley Meats wants your help in supporting the kids in 4H and FFA by coming to the…

Harrison County Jr. Fair’s Small Animal Sale THIS Friday starting at 2pm, followed by the Large Animal Sale at 4pm
The Small Animal Sale will showcase: Ducks, Rabbits,
Daily Products Baskets, Turkeys, Broilers.

The Large Animal Sale will showcase in order: Goats, Lambs, Hogs, and Steers.

It’s easy to participate in the auctions.  Just come to Friday’s Livestock Auction, register, get your bidding number, fill out a processing sheet, and be the highest bidder.  After you’ve won, you decide on who you want to process your animal (Information on processors is on the processing sheet that they give you).  Once the animal is transported to the processor, call them and they will process the animal the way you want.
Then you stop by the plant and pick it up.  It’s that simple.

PLUS a meal is provided during the sale for all those attending as buyers! YUM!

If you purchase the Grand or Reserve Champion animal of any species, it has to go directly to slaughter and must be slaughtered either at Sugar Valley Meats, McConnell’s Farm Market, or Don’s Custom Meats.  All other animals can be processed at the buyers preference.

You can also decide to sell the animal you purchased at the Barnesville or Carrollton Livestock Auction Barns. They will pick-up your animal, transport it, and then sell it.  You receive the money it brings minus the auctions commission.

You can also donate your animal back for charity.  The animals will then go to public auction and the money goes to charity.

Please help the kids in 4H and FFA by participating in the Livestock Auction this Friday starting at 1pm at the Harrison County Fair at 550 Grant Street, Cadiz, Ohio 43907. For more information call (740) 942-8823

Special Thanks to Auctioneers: Justin Moore, Jason Miller of Kaufman Reality, Rhett Peters, Steven Birney, Richard & Bill Host, Darrell Watson, & Billy Birney with Kiko Auctions.





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