Health Department Moves toward Accreditation

<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Wednesday, December 6th) Dover, Ohio – Efforts continue for the Tuscarawas County Health Department to become accredited.

Health Commissioner Katie Seward explains it’s a requirement in Ohio for all health departments to have applied for accreditation by 2018 and achieve the certification by 2020.

She notes the application process is extremely long since they have to create or find around 365 supporting documents.

“There must be a cover sheet for each document that states how it links back to the requirement that that has given. The application fee was over $14,000 and then there’s an annual fee on top of that of $5,600. We are blessed to be funded by a tax levy that helps us be able to do that.”

Seward adds if the department does not become accredited then they would lose all state funding, such as grants, subsidies, and they would not be able to perform state-mandated programs.

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