Mary Alice Reporting:

(Friday, November 30th) Tuscarawas County, Ohio – Residents are reminded to practice good hygiene and get vaccinated to prevent seasonal flu.

The Centers for Disease Control points out that washing hands and covering coughs is the single best way to stop the spreading of germs.

Tuscarawas County Health Department Director of Nursing Amy Kaser notes that there are a few age groups, such as children over the age of six that need to take extra precaution during flu season.

“The elderly are very high risk. It does take, I believe, two-weeks for [the vaccine] to get into your system, so it’s not a right away kind of thing”

She adds that the flu vaccine does not cover all associated virus strands.

In an influenza surveillance report, the CDC notes that overall flu activity throughout the nation remains low, as of mid-November.

Everyday preventatives measures include avoiding close contact with contagious individuals, disinfecting surfaces in the home or at work, and practicing consistent handwashing or using hand sanitizer as an alternative.

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