Mary Alice Reporting – The burning sensation of heartburn increases for many over the summer months and officials are providing tips.

Research from the CHPA Educational Foundation found that more than one in four adults experience heartburn at least once a week.

Spokesperson Dr. Richard Gelfand explains that the summer time increase relates to the change in diet many American’s make.

“The barbecues, the hot dogs, beer, fries, and margaritas, and salsa, and all the summer foods contribute to difficulties with our digestive tract.”

In response to certain foods, heartburn is caused when stomach acid gets into the esophagus which irritates the area causing symptoms.

Gelfand adds that diet and lifestyle are major treatment factors.

“If you’re overweight, losing some weight is helpful. Avoiding a lot of the foods that certainly we enjoy but if doesn’t sit well with you, got to be more careful of the spicy foods, tomato sauce, caffeine, chocolate, and coffee.”

The Foundations report also noticed that roughly half of those who experience frequent heartburn confirmed the condition worsened in the warmer months.

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