<p>A wave of scammers are targeting the state, promising insurance policies that don’t exist.

The con begins with the scammer calling and offering health insurance through Premier Health Plan Insurance. Robert Denhard with the Ohio Department of Insurance says that, while the company is located in Dayton, the company does not offer plans in Ohio.

“Folks who think that it is legitimate health insurance are interested are routed to what is an individual whose only intent is to procure that person’s bank account information so they can then work to deduct health insurance premium money.”

Premier Health Plan does offer health policies in other states, making the scam seem credible since consumers can search for the company online.

Denhard says that avoiding scams can be as simple as not answering the phone for unknown callers, and researching the companies making the contact, but the most important is to protect personal information.

 “Do not give any personal or financial information to someone over the phone and certainly review your bank account and credit card statements monthly and report any unauthorized charges to that financial institution.”

It is always recommended that any potential scams be reported to local authorities immediately.

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