Kindergarteners Send Cards to Veterans


Mary Alice Reporting:

(Saturday, November 11th) Strasburg, Ohio – Strasburg students sent 56 cards to veterans as a way to celebrate Veterans Day.

Kindergarten Teacher Chad West says the cards were mailed Friday and notes it was amazing to see what the children put on the cards.

“Some of the cards just said simple things like thank you for your services but some of the kids started to put things on there like hero, I love you. Respectful things that you think a kindergartener wouldn’t come up with. They really started to expand with these cards and the ideas of how we can show thanks to our veterans.”

Strasburg Kindergarten Teacher Pam Wallace adds she enjoys letting the children have the opportunity to create the cards and teach them about respect.

Veterans Day obviously brings that up a lot. We started the week reading a book called What is Veterans Day and you could just see the questions going through their heads. They’re just really touched by it.”

West notes the project also teaches the kids that they are part of a community that’s larger than the school and even Tuscarawas County.

The students are now waiting to see if any of the Veterans send a return letter to the Strasburg School.

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