Nick McWilliams reporting – Joshua Lippencott will serve the next 11 years behind bars for the death of a 62-year old man in 2017.

David Robinson was mowing his lawn when he entered the roadway to turn around, near an oncoming Lippencott, who exited his vehicle and struck the elderly man.

Robinson later died of post-traumatic meningitis caused by the incident, and Lippencott pled to and found guilty of counts of involuntary manslaughter, felonious assault and domestic violence.

During sentencing, Lippencott claimed the plea agreement which was laid out before him on Thursday was incorrect due to a guilty plea to murder that he says he was unaware of, but Tuscarawas County Judge O’Farrell did not award the movement to have his plea changed.

“You’re making that request and I’m telling you that I’m not going to let that happen. Now if I discover when I listen to the plea hearing that what you’ve just said is accurate, I’m going to get you back in this courtroom. I can promise you that.”

Both O’Farrell and Assistant Prosecutor Mike Ernest believe the murder charge, which was merged with the involuntary manslaughter count, was conveyed clearly to Lippencott.

O’Farrell will review the recording of the hearing where the plea deal was discussed, and enter his final judgement.

The daughter of the victim, Bobbie Trolio, spoke on behalf of her father, stating Lippencott allegedly taunted her family with Facebook posts following the incident while on the run.

“[During the search,] Mr. Lippencott is on Facebook making comments about us trying to find him, saying that we should be thankful that he didn’t run my dad over and he stopped the car. Or making comments that my dad hit him.”

As part of the plea deal, Lippencott waived his right to appeal the decision.

The domestic violence charge stems from an apparent assault that occurred with Lippencott’s female passenger after he struck Robinson.

Five years of supervision was also imposed following his 11 year prison sentence.

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