Michele Spring Reporting:

(Friday, August 10, 2018) Kidron, Ohio – Last month one the country’s largest coffeehouse’s said they will stop using plastic straws by the year 2020. According to Starbucks, this will eliminate an estimated 1 billion plastic straws annually.

This movement has inspired local businesses’, like Lehman’s Cast Iron Café in Kidron, to think of their own waste and how they can help improve the environment.

Marketing Vice President Glenda Lehman Ervin says it is part of Lehman’s mission to help people live a simpler more satisfying life.

“A good portion of that is being eco-friendly, working with Mother Nature instead of against her. When we started hearing about damage that plastic straws do to marine wildlife and pollution, we decided to switch to paper.”

Ervin said her father, Jay Lehman, who started Lehman’s in 1955, has often been referred to as the “Grandfather of Green” because of his eco-friendly practices.

“He grew up waste not, want not and so he fixes things instead of throwing them away. He reuses things because the whole basic premise of being eco-friendly is reduce, recycle, reuse and he has always lived his life that way.”

The Cast Iron Café is located inside Lehman’s, just four miles south of Rt. 30 between Dalton and Orrville.

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