Mary Alice Reporting: A Carrolton resident is asking community members to “be a bridge” for someone struggling with addiction.

Erik Frederickson is celebrating 10 years of clean living and is connecting with individuals through speaking and training seminars.

Frederickson says that in his teenage years, he experimented with some illegal substance but the tipping point happened when he suffered a minor sports injury.

“I had surgery but it was pretty simple and it healed up quick, but what was prescribed was some painkillers called Vicodin. I took them as prescribed cause my mom was giving them to me and then the healing process was over, and they were just sitting up in the cupboard.”

After hearing about pills and with peer pressure encouragement, at the age of around 15, Frederickson decided to take the medication which created a sense of euphoria within his adolescent life.

“It seems to fill a void they haven’t been able to fill in their life before and that was the case for me. [When] it wore off, I was twice as miserable and I needed more drugs the next time. It was too late. The feeling had me.”

After attempted suicides, as well as hospital and rehab visits, he notes that at the age of 26, during the time in jail, he reflected on the direction his life was taking and was ready to get help.

Frederickson’s mission to reach those hurting is expanding through “Worship Nights”, with the first event on January 25th being led by LifeWay Church Pastors Travis and Leslie Wright. For more information, go to

Crisis and Addiction Resources in Tuscarawas County:

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