<p>Mary Alice Reporting:

(Wednesday, June 13th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – Four men and one woman are now facing charges in connection to a premeditated assault.

A lengthy investigation through the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office found that a man was attacked and was able to defend himself by using a knife.

Deputy Brian Hale explains that deputies responded just before 11 pm on June 6th in reference to an assault on 21-year-old Chandler Howard.

Hale discovered that Howard’s ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Courtney Denison, told her current boyfriend, 32-year-old Daniel Guthire, that Howard had assaulted her previously. Guthire allegedly prompted Denison to contact Howard.

“To lure him off to this [place] off of Steele Hill Road they call the Point, and we’ll go ahead a stomp him. She calls [Howard] and says she thinks she’s pregnant and we need to talk, and he feels like something might be up so he grabs a knife.”

Hale explains that prior to the meeting, Denison picked up Guthire, 21-year-old Chase Nelson, 18-year-old Kody Wix, and Terrance Erdos and left them at the Point, while she went to pick-up, Howard.

“And lures him up into the woods at which time they confronted him. Guthire grabbed a hold of Chandler by the back of his neck to put him in a chokehold and goes to pull him to the ground. At that time, Chandler pulls his knife out and stabs Guthire and the guys proceeded to fight him.”

Howard suffered a broken rib and a concussion.

The four assailants are charged with assault and Denison is charged with obstruction.

Additional details related to a specific motivation leading up to the attack are still under investigation.

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