Mary Alice Reporting – Law enforcement officials are reminding motorists to share the roadway with motorcyclists.

In 2018, the Ohio State Highway Patrol cited almost 1,800 motorcyclists, with 22% not having a proper license and about 7% related to an OVI.

New Philadelphia Post Lt. Mark Glennon notes that, anytime a motorcyclist rides, to be aware of road conditions, to travel appropriately, and obey all traffic laws. He adds for all vehicle operators to pay attention and share the road.

“You need to be more aware and a motorcycle will be traveling a little bit quicker than what it appears to be. Gove a little bit more time and space when you’re going to pull out.”

Ohio law requires the use of a helmet for riders below the age of 18 and those with under a year of experience.

Last year, over 3,000 traffic crashes involved a motorcycle, resulting in 146 deaths.

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