Mary Alice Reporting – More spraying will occur in the City of New Philadelphia next week to curb the numbers of mosquitos.

The spraying is expected to begin around 8:45 pm, however, in case of high winds or rain the spraying will be delayed.

Director of Environmental Health Lee Finley asks for residents to take precautions at the home.

“The mosquitos will breed in any type of stationary containers. If you have a birdbath, tires, an old swimming pool, or if you have a low area or a pond that is not in use. Anything like that is where it can breed mosquitos.”

Sections for mosquito spraying for the week of August 3rd will happen in the southeast and southwest sections of the city, north-central New Philadelphia, along with the areas of Goshen Village, Goshen Hill, Goshen Valley, Possum Hollow, Hummel Valley, and the Clearview/Kerr areas.

Those with respiratory conditions should take precautions.

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