New Phila Joins Municipalities Against Ohio

Mary Alice Reporting:

(Tuesday, November 14th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – 160 state municipalities are joining forces in responses to the state of Ohio continuing to take steps to pull control of local business tax collections from municipalities.

Among those taking a stand is the City of New Philadelphia and Mayor Joel Day explains the state is in violation of the Ohio Constitution in their attempt to collect local business net profits tax.

“We have to try to stop the state from trying to seize authority away from municipalities that have been given to us by the Ohio Constitution, and that is to collect our own local taxes.”

Monday night, Finance Committee Chair Darrin Lautenschleger says council passed an ordinance to pay $4,000 to join a coalition of municipalities.

“We do need to at least make our voice known and to fight back that you’re taking local control away from local communities where it’s vested. All you have to do is look at the state laws and it’s right there that we have the ability and that they won’t infringe on local home rule, and this case there infringing on home rule.”

Lautenschleger ask State Representative Al Landis and State Senator Jay Hottinger to assist local communities and to help bring up discussion.

Business taxes collected are used for city services including street lighting, police and fire, and road maintenance.

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