Mary Alice Reporting – The City of New Philadelphia is winter ready with a full bin of salt for when the ice and snow hits the Tuscarawas Valley.

The city received their shipment a few weeks ago and one struggle all municipalities are facing is price increases.

Service Director Ron McAbier says that the city purchased salt last year at $84 per ton and for this year, it’s just over $86 a ton.

He adds that they purchased two trucks for the fleet that are expected to arrive in December.

“We’re holding out hope for that. I think we’re replacing the 1998 and 1999 [snow trucks]. It’s something that needs to be addressed. We’re also, in this year’s budget, going to put in for another one.”

The goal, on a normal call out, is to have six trucks respond.

“Five trucks and a hills and bridges truck on a regular snow or salt call. Naturally, we’ll use anything and everything on a major event.”

In 2018, New Philadelphia used roughly 1,100 tons of salt.

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