<p>Michele Spring Reporting:

(Monday, August 06, 2018) Newcomerstown, Ohio – Newcomerstown will be one of the first communities in the Tuscarawas Valley to run on solar power. The village has been progressively moving forward with the project since 2017.

Mayor Pat Cadle says this will eventually meet sustainability goals and lower energy costs.

“The Water Treatment Plant where the water comes in and the Sewage Treatment Plant where the water goes out and is processed are our biggest electric bills. 83% of our electric bill is through those two processes.”

The solar panels will provide cheap power and ultimately save the village more each year. The savings will be set aside, so the village will be prepared in twenty years for the maintenance and replacement of the panels.

“Our electric bill will save 12% this year and because our payment to the company will stay the same over a 20-year contract and the cost of electricity goes up each year, 2 to 3%, we’ll save more money each year that we do it.”

The solar array panels are currently being installed on two to three and a half acres next to the Water Treatment Plant with completion set for next week. Shortly after, crews will begin at the five acre lot near the Sewage Plant.

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