News on the Destruction of the McKinley Monument Debunked

<p>Michaela Madison Reporting

(July 14th) Canton, Ohio – Another fake news article is making rounds on social media, this time the bogus source claims the McKinley monument will be destroyed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

To calm fears, the William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum turned to a President McKinley impersonator and posted a notice to Facebook.

In the video, the impersonator shuts down the rumors, “During my daily briefing I have received some disturbing news. There are reports going around that my beloved Ida and myself will soon be leaving our beloved monument. I have come here today to tell you that those stories are not true.”

The fake article posted by the prank site, react365, claims the Hall purchased 10,000 acres of land, including Stadium Park in Canton, where the monument sits.

The impersonator makes it known there are no plans of ever moving or destroying the monument, “Mrs. McKinley and I will be staying here in our fair city of Canton, Ohio here in the McKinley National Memorial for eternity. Thank you, and we hope that you please spread the word to visit us here in Canton.”

Officials remind readers to be critical consumers of information.

Stories that seem completely outrageous and have not been reported on by legitimate news sources are almost always fake.

This includes another story posted by react365 this week claiming a 12-foot alligator was spotted in Tappan Lake. That story is also untrue.

The website offers a number of clues that it is not a credited news source including the site’s home button, which gives you the ability to create a fake news article to “prank your friends now.”

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