NP Police Chief Stands Behind Dispatchers


Michaela Madison Reporting

(July 14th) New Philadelphia, Ohio – New Philadelphia’s Police Chief is publicly standing behind police dispatchers.

Chief Michael Goodwin took to the department’s Facebook page on Friday to defend a dispatcher after a resident apparently complained via social media about a recent encounter.

Goodwin explains, “The dispatcher was writing her [complainant’s] information down as she was talking to road officers.” He notes, “The woman thanked dispatch and walked away. The entire time of this encounter was less than 60 seconds.”

In the post, Chief Goodwin explains the primary role of a dispatcher is to maintain communication with road officers. He references “the haters” that apparently began to comment on the post made by the resident.

Goodwin confirms he investigated the situation and found no wrongdoing by the dispatcher.

He adds “I am not sure where as a society we have decided that it is easier to vent unsubstantiated information on Facebook instead of going to the source and ask for clarification.”

The Chief ends the post by saying “The New Philadelphia Police will continue to serve the citizens and visitors as always in a professional manner and with courtesy.” 

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